Like I Once Had

No one will love you Like I did those nights When there was nothing between us But shadows and light When you needed affection Comfort and warmth When you thirsted for recognition  Without your mother’s scorn When you told me your secrets With such hesitance and fear That I may look at you differently Cease … More Like I Once Had


Heat my skin with your breath Until I drip like hot honey, Take my body to trembling heights To places only you can take me. Lick away my inhibitions Baptize me in our liquid lust, Drive me to blinding pleasure So my moans fill the space between us. Leave your marks all over me With … More Me

Erotic Short, Anyone?!

Hi friends! So, I’ve written a new erotic short story and posted it on my romantic/erotic blog (see below). Also, I’m considering adding everything to one blog, erotic and non-erotic writings. What do you guys think? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this! 🙂

Who You Really Are (a Stream of Consciousness)

Sometimes, In the blink of an eye, The heavy rain can become A refreshing shower, And the grey clouds can start to look White, And suddenly you might see yourself For what you really are;   A kaleidoscope of dreams, Second-hand hope Bruises and scrapes, Smiles and salty tears Sepia tone memories And forgetfulness, Impatience … More Who You Really Are (a Stream of Consciousness)