Consumption of Art

That tickle of warmth climbing up loose limbs,

The spark of imagination reflected in widening eyes,

The helpless smile touching tale-telling mouths,

And butterfly hearts releasing soulful sighs.


The awe-evoking ultimate contraption.

This is inspiration in the throes of passion.


The dewy drops of wisdom dotting wrinkled brows,

That intellectual heat growing in the starving belly of the mind,

The pleasant perfection careless creativity brings to canvas,

And a rush of satisfaction freeing curiosity like a broken bind.


The dawning of knowledge you will never know,

This is wisdom setting you free of a world’s woe.


The descending of an ever-suspended pulse,

That bitter-sweet completeness of the soul,

That slow cooling of sun-touched skin,

And the content-ness of but being begins to unfold.


The ceaseless atomic waves of an exquisite explosion,

This is the consumption of art in motion.


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