Heil Hitler

Clink, clink, clink… The sound rose through the thick silence around them. They walked in unison, one behind the other like prisoners. But their imprisonment was unjust, and there seemed to be no hope left for any of them. The sun beamed happily down on their pale skin, which stretched painfully thin over the swollen joints and rigid bones of these people, or the remains of what were once considered ordinary people. They seemed so frail and withered, as if the only thing keeping them walking were the rusting links, chaining them to one another. If there was any hope in them to survive before, there was no trace of it now, they’re eyes had no shine, and their blue veins looked empty just as their stomachs must have been. Men in uniforms sat at tables with cold drinks to wet their already moist lips while their cold, indifferent, blue eyes inspected each body from afar. A pleased glint in their eyes after each inspection, made their eyes look paler and, colder. As if the thought of the innocent withering painfully to their deaths pleased them, as if each inspection gave them good news Oh yes! Look at their disgusting selves deteriorate! Exactly what they deserve, exactly how we planned! Oh yes!

As they continued to jog about in the same, shrinking, circle one of them slowed down a pace. It was forty-five years of age but looked about sixty as it slowed down, gasping for air. And with one more gasp of air, a shot echoed loudly through the plains of those dry lands and it fell. Blood poured silently from its ever silent mind, as it twitched and gurgled to life before falling back on the dry dirt to its death. The circle momentarily paused as a man in uniform jogged forward visibly cringing at the sight of the living dead, before un-latching the corpse from the rusting chains and dragged it off into the pit. They’d have to dig a new one soon; this one was filling up quickly. And so, with an immeasurable weariness they continued to jog, with an eerily calm look about them, despite the fact that an innocent creature’s brains were just shot out of its skull. Then as if he were displeased with their reactions, or lack thereof, the gunman from afar shot one’s ear off. But, it continued to jog, with no reaction at all, just the blood pouring down from where its ear used be, its sunken eyes tearing up and its jaw bone twitching.

The gunman came down from his hiding spot and walked over to one of the blonde men at the one of the tables and whispered something in his ear. Whatever it was, it made the blonde man grin in pleasure before he called for one of the uniformed men standing and then whispered the message into his ear, but this man just gave one solemn nod. No pleasure and no pain appeared to burrow into his green eyes, no emotions made a home in those eyes. The lack of feeling in those eyes was nothing like that of in the arians’ eyes, for his eyes reflected only the sad emptiness in the eyes of the walking dead. He then marched up and shouted something at them, and then just waited as they formed rows facing the desks. The sun continued to burn their skin and leave them parched as they’re darkened eyes watched every last droplet of cool water slip into their mouths. Their grinning mouths and their glistening eyes mocked the parched looks on each one of their faces. The green-eyed man who had ordered them to take this new formation looked down at the ground, unable to look into their blank stares.

The silence became deafening until finally the clicking of the guns began. A sigh of relief enveloped the grounds and not a soul flinched as the guns began to fire, shooting randomly and killing them all. Only they weren’t as random as one would think. They were the monsters of the world, and it was they who got in the way of creating a perfect race, a perfect world. A perfect bubble… a bubble of pale blonde heads and cold blue eyes. As the line moved forward and they shot people from this last row, the vision in every blonde head grew clearer to each set of blue eyes. The other men, meanwhile, threw the already deceased or dying into the filling pit. The green-eyed man counted the last 5 people in his head 15, 16, 17, 18, 19… As the 19th victim fell, his green eyes took in her every feature. Her dark eyes, her dark hair, her fair, young skin and what struck him the most was the peaceful, almost thankful, smile that parted her young, cracked, lips as she expelled her last breath. Her eyes pierced his green ones and, he realized something in that moment. These were not the long nosed, monsters with large foreheads he was trained to kill. These were normal people, normal innocent people that he had let die. Number 20 roared with rage, a young man of about 20 years of age clinging to the girl. Who was she to him? A sister or, a lover? The man sobbed and whimpered then looked up at him. He looked into his green eyes with his blood-shot ones and whispered in a raspy voice that shook with anger “You are me.”

Another shot rang the air and this time, the green-eyed man flinched while another innocent man’s body fell to the dirt at their feet. Then suddenly a soft chuckle from their wet mouths poured like acid over the green-eyed man as he slowly bent down to tenderly pick up the dead girl in his arms, and he then carried her over to the pit and cringed as he placed her above all the other people, their expressions the same peaceful one. Tears rolled down his pale cheeks as he turned away from the pit to face the setting sun and stripped himself of his uniform. Then, standing bare before the blue-eyed monsters he began to jog in the same circle as they did, and held his dark haired scalp shamefully low, hiding his green eyes as he followed their footsteps in the dirt. They watched him in disgust, murmuring things to one another how imperfect he is! Look! How filthy! They grimaced at him and watched him jog while he left a trail of tears in his wake. His shoulders shook with each sob that tore through him as the reality of what he had done, very slowly, sank in.

Then one of the blue-eyed beasts closed his eyes, as if out of pity and mercy, and shook his head turning his face away to one of the men standing in uniform and nodded. That man then raised a hand in signal. The gunman, back in his hiding spot now, raised his weapon and chanted softly to his weapon, “Heil Hitler.”


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