The Storm

A thin piece of gauze lay over the sun, blurring its shape, and making it seem larger than it is. The dark clouds inched forward, slowly enveloping the blurred sun; threatening to take over the blue empire of this town’s skies. The greyish-pink wind made love with the scattered raindrops, and reproduced goose-bumps all over the vibrating skin stretched over my bones. People ran from the white sand, like frightened mice, and the clashing waves reached out for them, lonely. The winds moaned, and the raindrops came heavier, thicker, and quicker.

Spring’s petals gave in to the dominating breeze, and fell with the rain like pink snow. The sun hid from these wanton acts of nature behind the clouds, while they watched, unashamed. The blue skies were overwhelmed by the forces of the slate-coloured clouds. The grey, growing, mass roared barbarically over its soon-to-come victory; the wind, and rain ravished my hair in celebration. The petals floated lifelessly in the grey puddles, and the flashes of light from the grey empire, mocking the sun, reflected against the waters; making the petals come to life.

As I looked about myself, the street corners were empty, and the world was… lifeless. The only sign of life right then was the war waging in the skies, and the white waves crashing against the dark sand; reaching out hopelessly, from its vast kingdom of loneliness. Then as the dark clouds settled into their new home a rumble echoed off the tall mountains, and reverberated through my bones, creating a different kind of goose-bump. I sighed and felt my clothes cling to me, like drowning children. As the drops of rain fell harder, and the clouds darkened ‘till it seemed almost as if midnight had made and early appearance, I turned my back and walked away.

I let the darkness wrap itself around the small town, and did not want to see what it would do next. I walked numbly, from the rumbling and growling of the clouds, and the moaning and wet pattering of the wind and rain. I guess they caught me watching, and the clouds growled loudly in disapproval; threatening to shock me with its stolen lightning bolts. The wanton sounds of nature grew louder, and I hid from the dark empires that are our skies, in my hole. Protected by the brick walls, and the cackling fire in my furnace, I glanced up at the roaring demons, with my fingers wrapped around a mug of hot chocolate; mocking it with my questioning gaze, and ponderous sighs. Oh my…

And, then I fell asleep to dreams of wanton acts between you and her


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