Ode to Mother

A perpetual love basks within the glow,

Of her timeless laughter and ageless lines,

As she touches me with warm eyes that know,

The nights of tears that were never just mine.

An immeasurable strength resides inside,

The tarnished ache from which grew the branches,

That held the blooms that which gave me my spring.

I the child in which she so confides,

Sleep so soundly as her voice entrances,

While into my dreams her wisdom I bring.


The eternal softness in her embrace,

And her delicate scent that holds me now,

Brings an image of her exquisite face,

Filled with a power before which I bow.

I cannot fathom her sacrifice for,

She has bathed me in such incessant love,

And confound me with a beautiful life,

Her affection touches my utmost core,

And like the rays descending from above,

She showers me in her radiant light.


She cannot be captured with any shade,

And no sound can echo her flawless chime,

She is the spring breeze that can never fade,

Oh Ma, oh Ma-Ma, Oh mother of mine.

In a world of pain she glows with such hope,

Yes on the darkest days she’s guided me,

But never does she think of her own pain.

Alas her every smile and tear like rope,

Tugs at my heart setting emotions free,

There shall be no mother like you again.


Oh Ma, oh Ma-Ma, Oh mother of mine.


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