Explanation of “The Dancer”

My latest poem “The Dancer” is a free verse poem which is why the rhyming, obviously, did not take priority. It’s up for your opinions, so if you think I SHOULD work on the rhyme and it may make is better then please let me know. This piece was a train-of-thought kind of thing so it was to be of no particular form or structure. Also, I wrote another piece called “The Admirer”, and you can find it on my Stories of Seduction blog. Why there, and not here? It is more romantic to me. Give it a read though, tell me if you agree or disagree! What do you relate to more? The Dancer or the Admirer?


Find “The Admirer” here: http://storiesofseduction.wordpress.com/2012/01/09/the-admirer/


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