These Years I Sacrificed For You

You pull me,

Then push me,

You grab me,

Then I fall.

You stumble,

You swear,

You growl,

My heart grows small.

You dig into me,

You kiss me,

You bruise me,

And I love it all.

You lie,

You leave,

You take me along.

But I fall.

So you leave me behind,

You let me drown in my tears,

Let me lay in the scattered dirt,

Left behind from long-gone years.

You don’t see me,

You won’t hold me,

But you said you love me,

So I’ll take it all.

You cut me,

You healed me,

You forget me,

When I fall.

Because you leave me behind,

Amongst the bare bones of your yesterday,

You turn my years into bad memories,

Of your mistaken ways and past days.

So I push you

Then pull you

Then grab you,

With no refrain,

I break you,

Then I tease you,

I make you,

All mine again.



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