Remedy for a sick day: Chai and cough drops.

Secret to Chai: I grew up in an east-Indian household. Now for the perfect chai its not the spices you use (any recipe will do), it’s how you make it. Fill a sauce pan or any kind of pot (not a frying pan) with 1-2 cups water, add spices according to your chosen recipe and then also add as much sugar as you’d like. I usually throw in 1-1.5 tablespoons myself and note you add the.sugar in WITH the water not in the end. Add anywhere from 1-2 table spoons of either loose black tea or 1-2 black tea teabags depending on how strong you want it and turn the stove on high (any Indian brands are perfect NO GREEN TEA). Let the contents boil for about 5 mins or until the water turns into a rich dark liquid. Turn the stove down a couple notches or to medium heat depending on how slow your pot cools down. If it cools down quickly keep the heat closer to high, and add milk in the now simmering/boiling tea. Wait until the milk begins to boil then rise up. I usually blow at it and lift it till it goes back down then lower it onto the element and let it rise one or two more times before turning it off. Then using a small strainer, strain the tea into a mug and enjoy. This way of making tea blends the flavors into one another more without having any one flavor stand out more than the others, it is the traditional way if making it and is used all over India today. Also if you’re sick ingredients such as ginger, honey (instead of.sugar) lychee, and cloves are important!



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