The Withered Wall- How it Happened.


So the poem I just published, “Withered Wall” was inspired by the picture above which I also placed in the post.This picture I took myself, and it definitely hit me some heavy nostalgia, and then my imagination wandered. I took this picture while I was waiting in the car for my mother who was helping a friend out. The wall is this faded blue and what initially caught my attention was the red-ish pole beneath it going across. It was raining that day, and the darkened, muddled, stains closer to the bottom of the wall gave it a weariness. My favorite thing, aside from the coloring and shadows, was the paneling. I don’t see this on walls very often around here, so I took a picture. As I was waiting I became so infatuated with the picture I took, I started to play around with it (thank you instagram!), and soon I was weaving stories in my head. When I got home I was scribbling down this poem down like my life depended on it. I decided to personify the wall, because I think it has a lot to say. What about you? What do you think this wall has to say? What’s the most inspiring inanimate object you’ve ever seen? Send me pics, leave me comments! Love hearing from you guys!!




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