A Passing Romance- A Stream Of Conciousness


So I took a deep breath, and I walked away—have you ever felt a cool breeze dance along the small hairs that run up your limbs and over the underlying heat of the sun on your face? Have you seen the trees on hot evenings, when the leaves flutter and dance in the air, pulling the baby branches to and fro? Reaching for what’s left of the warm day as it sets. Have you ever closed your eyes long enough to hear children laughing like wind-chimes? Have you breathed in deeply enough that the mixed scent of lilac and freshly-mowed lawns followed you into your day-dreams? Have you walked simply for the sake of becoming lost? Have you watched your grey shadow, carefully, dancing along the pavement while you passed it? Have you then, raised your head, but to meet the eyes of a stranger? Have you, so completely and accidently, looked into the eyes of a stranger and without consciousness, placed him into a fantasy? Have you inhaled the scent of spring so deeply, that the blue skies seem to fill you forever? Have you ever been breathless? Oh, how it breaks the heart. But to imagine so freely, comes with the consequences of loving too easily, and with helplessness comes wisdom. Have you felt your stomach drop beneath the weight of your heaving heart, simply because he smiled? Have you built dreams on moments—strange moments—and then let them sit on the dusty windowsill of your mind? Have you ever given into the urge, to touch—gently brush—the vivid edges of the outsider? Have you thought, perhaps—for a fleeting second—that the outsider would come inside, like the perfect stranger? Have you ever been swept away as easily as autumn leaves? Have you settled for secret smiles, simply for the sake of being polite? Have you ever met the eyes of a man who holds abstruse wonder? Have you ever felt curiosity? It breaks your heart. But to imagine so freely, comes with the consequences of falling so easily—in love. Alas, with helplessness comes… wisdom. —So I walked away.


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