For Him and I

Like intoxicating kisses,
Laced with rum and scotch,
You’re fading from my memory,
As slow as an ache that started soft.

I can remember what it felt like,
The weight of your fingers laced in mine,
But I cannot recall the heat of the moment,
In that place from that time.

Like a blind wanderer,
I led my hopeless heart astray,
Into dreams laced with spicy cologne,
Into my own trap of wishful haze.

I know what it had felt like,
The heat of you exploring me,
Yet the feverish peaks we climbed,
Seem only like piles of dry autumn leaves.

And somehow like a fool,
My heart still thinks of only you,
Holding my pieces together,
Perhaps only to break me in two.

And maybe one day our kisses,
Laced with intoxicating dreams,
Will fade away from my memory,
Slow like the throbbing at my seams.


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