Alright so this BLEW ME AWAY!

For two reasons.

1) I always thought hedley sounded like this:

  • Now I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, they’ve always had good songs, but they’ve never been a band that I’ve noticed very much, or has stood out to me.
  • This is only because I just wasn’t too interested…

2) Then I heard this song that I will post below called “Kiss You Inside Out”, and I thought at first it was someone else, and it turns out it’s Hedley, and I had not clue Jacob Hoggard could SOUND like that.

  • I’ve developed a crush on him, and am now listening to their other songs too, and I think they may have another fan on their hands.
  • The irony in this? I saw them live at GM Place in Vancouver a couple years back. I was there for one big “Me to We Day” type thing, and Jason Mraz was also there, but nonetheless, I wasn’t nearly as excited about them being literally RIGHT THERE then, as I would be now.
  • I’ve also just discovered that he is quite good looking, and Canadian. Win.

Without Further Ado!

Kiss You Inside Out:


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