Rape of The Romantic

Those fleeting moment
That carried your soft lips

To mine.

Those long moonlit nights,
That guided you so

Deep inside.

They’ve gone,
And seem so far away.

The ache that throbs
Within my torn walls;
The only evidence that you
Were here at all…
Your smell still seems
To cling to something close,
Something I can’t reach
That thing you ruthlessly broke.

Those bitter moments
When with kisses you hid

My loneliness,

Those endless nights,
When you made me feel,

So glorious,

Have gone,
And left me with nothing.

A heart heavy with regret,
A gut twisted so guiltily;
All I’ve left to remember you by,
And what you did to me.
My lips are still numb from your kisses,
And my body is still sore,
But somehow I’d been left to hope,
There would be something more.

Those crushing moments
When you simply,

Turned away,

Those long empty nights,
That had me wondering why,

I stayed…

Are far gone,
And soon, I hope to forget,

The sinking feeling,

That you gave me,

When you stripped me,

Of my innocence.


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