Let Go

It is so easy, and so safe to just hold on. Hold on to everything; Hold on to the long nights when you lay awake, replaying that one moment in your head. That one moment that should’ve been special, but it is only then that the full realization of how different reality is from a harlequin romance novel sinks in. It wasn’t a magical moment, it was a mistake. Hold on to what you so stoutly thought was “the only way”, and “the right way”, but was really just your way; it should have been done in that order. But, when circumstance forces you out of your ideals, there is comfort in holding on to your fears, your hate, and all your weariness; because that one person you trusted in broke your heart and walked away, and hasn’t looked back since. It feels safer to just stay away. Close off your heart to feelings, and maybe it’ll forget to feel. Maybe then, it won’t hurt… It’s easier to just hold on to the bad memories, and say no to new ones; to push away good people, because you’ve lived with a few bad ones. But how different is that, than seeing a man’s scars before the smiling spirit in his eyes? Perhaps it is weakness, helplessness, or both, that causes us to wilt beneath every scar. However, if anything we should bear our marks with pride. They represent our past journey; they form our choices today, and give us hope for tomorrow. Sometimes, it is better—perhaps not easy—to simply move on. To strip yourself of your pessimism, and smile into a brand new day, filled with a million new possibilities. Just forgive, and let go.


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