Making Up

Firstly, allow me to wish you all a very happy new year!

Secondly, let me apologize for my lack of activity.

As most if not all of you should know, I am a student; With classes, and work, a long with my social/personal life to juggle around I’ve come up short on time for my writing. I will not deny, the few times I DID have some quiet time to myself I became lazy and chose to read instead of write. I mean, there was no inspiration anyways, so what was I to write about? I have decided however to continue my saga of cheesy-cliche-laced-erotic-romantic-short-stories, and am thinking if perhaps it’d be simpler for me to just publish it all on ONE blog. Why have separate blogs anyways? It makes no sense to me. The more simple the better. That being said, I’m second-guessing myself and would like to decide on one good blog name/domain name on which I can post everything. Fear not, I will transfer all of my writings onto that one, and your “follows” and “likes” and “shares” and “comments” will be immensely appreciated. (I’ll add a poll eventually when I’ve decided on my top 3 domain-name-ideas, and I hope to get your opinion on that!).

Aside from all of that stuff, I’ve been learning more about myself and the others around me. I guess you don’t always have to like what you see/get, but improvements are inevitable. We are a species that strives on innovation and improvements to things that we may or may not need. To avoid falling into a bout of personal ramblings however, I’ll just say that change can be good or bad, it’s all about how you perceive it.

On a lighter note, I’ve discovered a band that I think is absolutely fantabulous, and as I said to them myself, they have “…the most delish sound since the 50s”. (They replied to that too by the way, so obviously they haven’t “blown up” in the industry just yet, but I’m sure they will). So here are my repeats of the MONTH:



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