Naked Souls


See, there were those moments… those moments when everything was suspended. In those moments, all there was, was your hand running over my skin, and your breath on my neck and your lips… well we know what your lips were doing- your words left me breathless. I forgot the inhibitions that I wore like a safety blanket, and my fears melted. My lips were damp, but my mouth was dry, my heart was echoing in my ears like a warning, I felt like putty, and you… you crushed me between your arms and molded me to your body. My name sounded like salvation on your lips, your name became a synonym for mercy, and we came back time and time again.

See, in those moments… those timeless, pendulous moments… you took from me something that I had carefully hidden long ago. You took it so quietly, so unexpectedly, so gently…


And here I was, desperately searching for it…

Little did I know I’d never get it back.

Those inhibitions, those fears that you peeled away… the secrets that we shared…

You took those with you…

Those words I spoke and you read, are ours now…


Because in those moments we bared our souls and no one…

no one can forget a naked soul.


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