Loving Him

I know a boy,

A boy stuck in the body

Of a            man,

Stuck under the pressure

Of what a man

Should be.

I know a boy

And he has         f r e c k l e s,

Broad shoulders and,                   soft hair,

Gentle lips,         and strong arms…

And he hates the world.

He said he hated everyone,

As he held onto






Of his bedroom.

He held onto me, and

I couldn’t           b r e a t h e

As his pain

Crushed me,

As my skin absorbed

His       unshed    tears

and my soul,

Drank in his


And I cannot remember the


Of his eyes…

Only the torment they hold.

I know a boy,

And he is so hard,

He is so            b r o k e n.

His skin is thick and his guard is up,

But when he sleeps…

The rigidness        slips      away,

And his weariness disappears,

His shoulders relax,

And never,

Have I seen a


Look so…


I know a man,

Who is but, a

B r o k e n


One who hides his scars

Beneath broad shoulders,

And strong arms.

I know a man,

Who is but, a

L o s t


And his gentle lips

Never smile.

I know a boy who needs

To be loved

For a while–


In the shadowy corners of his bedroom.


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