Spring Awakening

Sly grin and smooth words,

With your searching eyes

And soft touches that lingered

Your kissed-away goodbyes…

You stumbled into my life,

Like a child discovering his first


One foot-

One heart beat

After the other, oh boy,

And your summer-sun heat

Could so effortlessly smother,

My will to leave-

My cries when I stay.

Because you know how to play

Oh, you played so well…

Letting each kiss melt over me

Like the setting sun melts

Over cool mountain skylines,

I was your horizon

And for those nights

You were the only sun…

I wanted to run, but never

Have I been held so hard,

And you must’ve known

This couldn’t get too far…

Lilting syllables on hot breath,

With rough hands and eyes that glow,

You were my spring awakening,

And now you must go…


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