Random Rant/Empower Ya’selves

There are these times, these fleeting moments, when you just pause and look up at the sky-line, and whatever it may be, you know you’re going to be okay. You know everything will be okay, because the world isn’t falling apart, we’re still orbiting the sun, the wind is still blowing, the mountains are where they’ve always been, the buildings are standing tall, and people are whizzing past; you realize, then, that you’re not as colossal-y fucked as you wanted to believe, because you’re alive and still a part of all of those things. Those seconds when you inhale deeply and, your vision clears are the ones you need to remember, because those milliseconds hold unimaginable strength. Those are the moments that you won’t think of often, but I promise that when you do, you’ll soar high. They will lift you up… and if you can do that, if you can lift yourself up and find the strength to carry on, within yourself, nothing can stop you. And I think that’s pretty empowering.

So remember those moments. Empower yourself to be better, to do better, and achieve great things. Life may feel short sometimes, like it’s time-lapsed, but it isn’t; Life is big.


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