My Precipice (I See It)

There is promise in the distant shadows

Of evergreen trees on mountain tops,

That though I have not yet reached my precipice

I am well on my way

Because I see it.

Though the clouds seem to pass too quickly

I can feel the breeze, as it

Carries my dreams to distant lands

I know I will one day visit.

As the seasons dance around me

I can smell the earth, as it

Moves me through the endless galaxies

As the Universe has intended.

And while the ocean slides past my ankles,

I can hear another world, as if

Somewhere past the horizon there is more,

For life to give.

Because there is promise in the sunny mountain tops,

In the shadows of the evergreens,

That though I have yet to reach my pinnacle,

I am well on my way,

Because I see.



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