For Not Telling You Sooner.

There were so many songs

That would remind me of you,

And I never said a thing

Because how was I to know

That this feeling I felt was true.

I’ve been running from love

Because my mind reminds me

That it hurts…

Yet I felt comfort in your arms

And the heat you permeated became my glue,

And Lord knows I hate to depend

But there was something special about you.

I’ve been hiding from love

You see my heart is wrapped in

Old chainmail…

But I felt safe held against you

And your hard strength became my lean,

And I never wanted to cling to you

Yet I couldn’t pry myself from this dream;

I am drinking you in

As you lay beneath me,

And I knead you and feel you

Until you fall apart in my hands

And then I pull you together again

In my trembling arms

And you drink me in

In all my sorrow and love,

And we become one

Again and again

And again…

Now I lie awake,

Barren and dry

Broken and wry,

And I…

Am sorry


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