There was once a chance I didn’t take, and today I wonder what if… There were so many chances I didn’t take, but why this one? Why does this one keep me awake at night? Of all that chances I didn’t take, this is the one that burns my skin, and penetrates my bones. This … More Her

Heil Hitler

Clink, clink, clink… The sound rose through the thick silence around them. They walked in unison, one behind the other like prisoners. But their imprisonment was unjust, and there seemed to be no hope left for any of them. The sun beamed happily down on their pale skin, which stretched painfully thin over the swollen … More Heil Hitler

The Storm

A thin piece of gauze lay over the sun, blurring its shape, and making it seem larger than it is. The dark clouds inched forward, slowly enveloping the blurred sun; threatening to take over the blue empire of this town’s skies. The greyish-pink wind made love with the scattered raindrops, and reproduced goose-bumps all over … More The Storm