forgive me lover

There is comfort In the dark hairs littering the wide expanse of your chest, There is passion In your heat pulsing into me at our behest. It is because I feel no fear in your arms That I am afraid, Because soon we will forget how this feels, And I’ll be so very far away. … More forgive me lover

A Mutual Break-Up

I remember the way the setting sun Illuminated the green of your eyes, When your tears stained my cheeks When we promised it wasn’t good bye. I miss you in the mornings When slumber paralyzes my limbs When I awake from dreams and memories Of what could have been. I think of you in the … More A Mutual Break-Up

Ariose Love

Ariose words and lilting tunes This song never meant so much to me Until I met you. Your enfolding depths And sheepish grin, The sun-kissed hue Of your ever-warm skin… Your calloused hands, And satin smooth kiss, The way your green eyes Watch me, in utter bliss… Your prickly beard, And that playful glint, The … More Ariose Love

Your Heart and Mine

In the summer green grass Brushing against our limbs, Where the sun lit our eyes And warmed our skin, There was heaven. Where cool streams rushed Beneath our wandering feet, Under the setting skies that Wrapped us in day-dreams, There was paradise. And in the warm shadows Beneath a million stars, Where we held onto … More Your Heart and Mine

Do You Remember Me?

As twilight embraced The dark mountain-scape, I felt my thoughts tremble in the breeze Like the fresh-bloomed leaves, And I wondered if perhaps You would recognize me. If amidst the 12 o’clock rush I brushed past you, Would you notice? And would you focus, And maybe recognize The daughter you let down?   If sometime … More Do You Remember Me?

Inhale You

I want to inhale you. Not the stale scent of your cologne, which clings so valiantly to these old shirts, no— I want the sweet scent of your hot breath when you whisper promises of sinful seduction against my cheeks, when your 5 o’clock shadow trails goosebumps over my skin, and scorches me from within. … More Inhale You